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Just wanted to let any interested parties know that I've bought my own domain at http://ceejaywriter.com and am blogging via WordPress over there these days. I find myself less and less inclined to log into LJ these days (and it seems when I do, I always pick the day the system is down). The Second Lifers community here has dwindled to a gasp, as well.

Feel free to follow me at my site, if you are so inclined! And LJ, thanks for all the fish. It was fun while it was fun!

For the moment, my 'real' person keeps her LJ, but since my avatar-feelings are based in hers, she may be making a similar announcement down the road.

Thanks for all the fish!
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(Poster designed by Lia Bilavio)

Week-long Events

Open Air Market
Shop carts along the Port Babbage docks will be filled with festival themed wares, food and games for festival goers to take and purchase. Shop carts can be provided, though you can also use your own display if you wish (within logical prim reasoning). First come first serve for spots, more space will be provided so all can participate. The first section of carts will be set out Friday, August 19th. Prim limit of around 25 per market cart area.

Build Contest
Contest theme is "Air Kraken Traps: Most Inventive Way to Capture an Air Kraken." Building platforms will be set out in the Academy of Industry Friday, August 19th, deadline for completion to be judged is Saturday, August 27th at Noon SLT and will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Additional space will be created if necessary. Please keep builds under 150 prims. Top three placed builds will be given prizes.

(Poster designed by Aeolus Cleanslate)

Black Ink and Bold Tales
At the core of each Air Kraken is a well of deepest blackest ink. Pick up your quill, dip into the source and pen your poem or tale of adventure. All creative writings about these legendary beasts of the skies are welcome.

No minimum word-count, but please, no longer than 1,500 words. Submissions will be accepted the entire week of the Air Kraken Festival, either by notecard to Ceejay Writer, or email to ceejay@cocoajava.com. After the festival, a panel of judges will choose the winners in these categories: Truly Terrifying Tale (horror), You're Kraken Me Up (humor), Surprise from the Skies (cleverest) and Misunderstood Monsters (Pro-Kraken viewpoints), as well as one overall winner, the Tantamount Tall Tentacle Tale.

Plans are afoot to publish all entries in some form of anthology for everyone's enjoyment afterwards. Submission of your entry shall indicate your agreement to this project.

"Look here! Look there! Look everywhere!"
Rumor has it there is a baby kraken that has lost his way in our fair city! Can you free this adorable little beast before he has our town for his feast? There's a reward in it for you if you do, so join the hunt and follow all the clues! The scavenger hunt will work just like a regular Secondlife Hunt will, taking you through 8 locations within the wondrous world of New Babbage. If you follow the clues and riddles you will certainly find the baby Kraken, however releasing him is up to you. There is no time limit and it's no race, but we hope you have fun and explore together!

Air Kraken Exhibit
An exciting and intriguing natural history exhibit by Kimika Ying focusing on air kraken at the Exhibition Hall in New Babbage.

Other Activities:

Air Kraken Target Practice
Located on the docks of Port Babbage. Come safely test your shooting skills against the miniature-airship towed air kraken drones.

Air Kraken Attacks
Once you've sharpened your skills with target practice go up against the big boys. Located in Clockhaven (as well as unannounced attacks in town). ((Psst- Look over the ledge of the wall towards the water, click on the top of the barrel to produce kraken.))

Kite Flying
Grab a free themed kite and enjoy flying them around Port and town.

One Time Events

Opening Party
Casual and fun celebration of the opening of the festival. 6-8pm SLT Sunday, August 21st at Liberty Hall in the Academy of Industry.

Listening Parties

There will be two listening parties on Tuesday, August 23rd featuring The Tales of New Babbage broadcast "Horror of the Heights" with the voice of Vic Mornington and hosted at the Brunel Hall Hotel's bar, Muirsheen Durkin. The broadcast can be also heard on Radio Riel Steampunk at the below times.

The first party for the European time zones will be at 12-1pm SLT.

The second party for the North American time zones will be at 7-8pm SLT.

Closing Party
Saturday, August 27th at 7-9pm SLT on the roof of Portside Books in Port Babbage. Dress in your best air pirate/air kraken fighting attire and come celebrate the close of the festival. Dance, drink and be merry.

-Please contact Sky Melnik if you have any questions or ideas concerning the festival.
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New Babbage's Maceholder, Mister Aeolus Cleanslate, speaks about this exciting new project:

The City of New Babbage is a consensual hallucination of a steampunk city in a time that never was. It’s built out of bits and prims in SecondLife (instead of bricks and plaster), but it’s as “real” a place as Paris or Mumbai. People from all over the world “go” there daily to build fantastic machines, fight krakens, and roleplay vast, open-ended storylines replete with mad scientists, street urchins and evil geniuses.

We also write stories. With a few exceptions, none of us are professional writers, and few write enough to generate complete works. But for all that, the stories are immensely entertaining and sometimes excellent. We’ve assembled pages and pages of them – and want to share them with the world.

Pre-Order Tales of New Babbage, Vol. 1

New Babbagers wishing to become involved should read this informative post!
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We've all seen (or perhaps some of us own, though this writer will not confess one way or the other *cough*) those adorable, breedable pets. Cats, dogs, meeros, goodness knows what else. And they're all so cute and cuddly when they are wee, but let's fast-forward a few months. Now your itty bitty kitty is a big fat cat, glowering at you as she sits next to that food dish - it's empty again! And she's eating for two! Or is it six? And you swear you just got back from the food store yesterday... or did you? It's all a blur! A big, fuzzy, snuggly, adorable blur!

But wait... there's something new. They're cute, they'll make you smile, they're animated and will definitely add personality to your home. Well, you might want to keep them in the yard, but you get the point.

First, let's meet The Wandering Duck! I have one myself, and it's wandering around inside Cafe Curiousity in New Toulouse. Being a Curious Goods and Oddities store, it somehow seems right to have a duck waddling about in the back of the shop. I love him. I think I will name him Chuck.

And if that isn't enough cute for you.... ta-da, The Walking Chipmunk! I just met this industrious creature yesterday, and I have to say I was impressed. In fact I was bowled over. Literally. He's a Chipmunk on a Mission, and you'd best get out of his way. (Caution: Chipmunks in the Viewer are larger than they appear.)

But really, posters just don't do these critters justice. Bounce over to Gumi's Flower Shop, and see their antics for yourself. That SLurl puts you right in the middle of the fun. Go on now, it's time to meet the next generation of Second Life animals - You'll want to be the first on your sim to show these critters off!
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(excerpt from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams)

Milliways is built on the fragmented remains of an eventually ruined planet which is enclosed in a vast time bubble and projected forward in time to the precise moment of the End of the Universe. (Many would say this is impossible.)

Inside, guests take their places at tables and eat sumptuous meals while watching the whole of creation explode around them. (Many would say this is equally impossible.)

You can arrive for any sitting you like without prior reservation because you can book retrospectively, as it were, when you return to your own time. (Many would insist this is absolutely impossible.)

At the Restaurant you can meet and dine with a fascinating cross-section of the entire population of space and time. (This, it can be explained patiently, is also impossible.)

You can visit it as many times as you like and be sure of never meeting yourself, because of the embarrassment this usually causes. (According to the doubters, this is patently impossible, even if the rest were true, which it is not.)

All you have to do is deposit one penny in a savings account in your own era, and when you arrive at the End of Time the operation of compound interest means that the fabulous cost of your meal has been paid for. (Many claim that this is not merely impossible, but clearly insane.)

This is why the advertising executives of the star system of Bastablon came up with this slogan: "If you've done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe."

Thanks to a notecard that was furtively placed in my hand by a pirate of dubious reputation, I visited Milliways and captured the picture above, shortly before finishing my Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. I don't remember anything after that.

Here is that notecard. I do not know how long it has been circulating, I only just received it mere days ago. Do with it what you will:


Towel Day May 25th 2011

An open letter to all Sci fi aficionados, and sim owners, simians and sentients,

For the second year running my brother Ora and myself are putting out Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in celebration of all things Hitchhiker and in memory of the author Douglas Adams. Towel Day is near again.

This year we are hosted by Ora's Hyrule sim in Afredo. Our build will only be out for the month of May, and it is intended to be completely without profit, this is just because we love the Guide, and we miss what light that Douglas Adams was to the world.

We want this to be a community project, so that all fans can join in the fun. We would like to invite anyone who wants to help us make this day special to be a part of the good tidings. To "share and enjoy," as Mr. Adams would say. Brass tax is we need help. What kind of help? Glad you asked.....

We are looking for:
*Related freebies
*DJ's and entertainers
*builders ( to help polish the place up)
*Help promoting
Help Promoting can be as simple is rezzing out soon to come one prim ad board and LM, and we will of course return the favor, we will of course be glad to shamelessly plug your sim or store XD
*we can also use ideas
*event planners- we have been tossing around the notion of having both a Vogon Poetry contest, and a "worst Dressed Sentient in the Galaxy contest," People to help run these events, or maybe just prizes related or not to the guide would be hoopy.

Milliways is not yet listed, but will be in the next few days after we feel primary construction is done, Meanwhile feel free to come by and scope the digs, our "working LM" as follows:

I appreciate the time and consideration in reading all this jazz, and hope to hear from many of you. Feel free to IM me anytime, with questions, comments, concerns, or just to tell me off for dropping this notecard on you when you were not looking.

DarthVenger Blackheart


Apr. 8th, 2011 03:15 pm
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Cala Mondrago. SL's Steampunk Desert Oasis. Warm sands, incredible buildings, bellydancers at the Laughing Djinn... Shops and carts and camels and pajama parties in the Palace, and strolls along the city wall's ramparts at sunset...

Do I have your interest yet?

Now you can call this bit of paradise your home. Habibi Hostel is now open for rent! 50 prims, 250L per week. There are two stories in each room. Just pay a box, and head on in! The door will be set to your name so you get to lock and unlock it. Pass the word along!

Come visit Cala Mondrago now!

Learn more about Cala Mondrago:

PJ Trenton's Cala Mondrago Photography.

Beyond Victoriana: Cala Mondrago, the Steampunk Oasis–Guest Blog by Akidami Swift with Bianca Namori.

Cala Mondrago Nominated as a favorite Steamy Romance destination.

Shiny New Forum!
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The new issue of The Primgraph (due out in early April) is all about Automata!

And to celebrate this, The Primgraph magazine - in association with the Empire of Steeltopia - will be hosting The Clockwork Ball on Saturday April 2, 2011.

There will be two separate Balls: 2-4pm slt AND 7-9pm slt.

The Balls will be held in The Pneumatic Revolution Lounge in Steeltopia.

The invitation states:

We are living in a time that will perhaps come to be known as the golden age of the automaton. His Imperial Highness Steelcobra Calamari has decreed that the State of Steeltopia will celebrate the creations of our time at a fine ball, at which it shall be proved that mechanicals are as graceful as humans upon the dance floor.

Whether you are called clockworks, automatons, robots, war machines, household helpers, factory workers and so on, please join your constructed colleagues for an evening of well-earned merriment.

Prizes will be awarded for the attendees whose appendages and / or apparel most please the eyes of our judges.
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Most likely you have a pair of jammies languishing in your inventory, with very few occasions to wear them. And, perhaps it's been a while since you attended a party in a sumptuous palace. Well! Cala Mondrago has the answer to both dilemmas - and as usually happens in that Steampunk Oasis... it's in the form of a party! Please, come join the fun Friday, March 18th, from 8-10pm slt in the Clockwork Palace!

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At The New Champagne Rooms the spirit of the 1930s and 40s are alive and kicking, burly style! On February 20th at 1pm slt, the ladies of the New Champagne Rooms step out of the dressing room and into ballgowns. A romantic Sweethearts Ball will be held inside the club and will include dancing, music and a special treat. The ladies have never been good at keeping surprises, so I have been informed the special treat will be a delightful date auction. The ladies (and a loose fella) of the New Champagne Rooms will be auctioning themselves for a date with all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They welcome you to join them for this very special occasion and join in the excitement.
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The spirit of the 1930s and 40s are alive and kicking, burly style! Come and see the best of vintage burlesque at the New Champagne Rooms. Our gorgeous dames are classy to the core, so swing on by as we tantalize and treat you to a fantastic show.

Tuesdays Noon slt
Tuesdays 7pm slt
Wednesdays 9pm slt
Thursdays 9pm slt
Fridays 9pm slt

Vintage Shopping
Looking for the perfect outfit to wear to a show? If you love vintage clothing, be sure to take a stroll down Champagne Avenue, adjacent to the club.

Shops include:
Burly Bits
Delicate Sensibilities
Digital Eyes
Framed Perfection
Donna Flora
Lovelace Stock and Trade
Melu Deco
Old Time Prims
Rhapsody Vintage Fashion
Swank Brothers
Vita Bella

We Are Hiring!
The New Champagne Rooms is looking for performers with a flair for the tantalizing tease who are classy to the core. For the past three years, the NCR has been providing the best in Vintage Burlesque and we're looking for some new talent to WOW our clientele. The only experience required is a fascination with the past and a desire to learn something new. Please check out one of our shows to see if this is something you'd be interested in trying! Applications are available in the lobby.
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Enjoy a Romantic Valentine's day with the 15th issue of The Primgraph! learn more at our aetheric weblog!
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Show that special someone you care with a custom Valentine Greeting in The Primgraph! Affordable prices make it easy to send one wish, or many, to friends, family, customers and more.

The Victorians truly developed the "Valentine" as we know it today, so let's continue with that fine tradition by publishing yours now!

Visit our convenient Classified & Personal Ads Form.
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[Crossposting from our Prim Perfect magazine's blog - we will post daily right up to Christmas about other fun holiday sims to visit!]

A Bavarian Christmas Market

When I think about what’s important to me at Christmas time, words like friendship, tradition, memories, winter, food, drink, gifts and laughter come to mind. I can experience all of these in one wonderful city on the grid. The Bavarian city of München calls itself “die Stadtcommunity”, and it truly is a city-community. It is one of the friendliest places I have ever found in Second Life. You may be more familiar with the city if I call it Munich. I was introduced to this re-creation of the city by a Bavarian friend back in 2007. At the time, he was a university student who regularly commuted to Munich from the countryside and thus knew the city very well.

From the Neues Rathas (town hall) to the nearby Fischbrunnen (Fish Fountain), to the subway and light rail systems, to the historic gateways leading into the city... the two sims of Muenchen and Munich City truly bring this amazing city to life. Touring the city with my Bavarian friend inspired and prompted him to tell me many stories about his real adventures in real-life Munich.

Just after cleaning up the debris of Oktoberfest, preparations begin for what has become a Christmas tradition in both worlds. Rows of little vendor booths are set up to form the traditional Marienplatz Christmas market. There’s also a carousel, food tents and plenty of free gluehwein. As Christmas, 2007 came near, my Bavarian friend became quite eager to take me to Munich in Second Life for the “Bierzelt im Marienhof”.

I experienced the Christmas Market properly... well, as properly as one could with a Bavarian country boy running loose in the big city! By the end of our evening, I had sipped quite a lot of gluehwein (in both realities), I had a friendship bear tucked under one arm, a giant pretzel in hand, a huge gingerbread heart on a ribbon around my neck which proclaimed via frosted letters some romantic endearment (I never did get it translated, he simply laughed every time I asked!) and a shopping bag containing leiderhosen and who knows what else.

Though my friend has since left Second Life, I still feel as if he’s with me in spirit as I make my annual pilgrimage to the Marienplatz Christmas Market. This is my 4th year, and I will continue to enjoy my annual traditions in Munich as long as the sims endure.
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So exciting. Today's episode of Designing Worlds is going to visit Seraph City - and will have some fun at my very own Java Jive coffee house!

"Join us in our Northpoint studio at 2pm SLT today, Monday 15th November as we explore the beautiful Art Deco environment of Seraph City … and also the phenomenon of Dieselpunk. And we’re asking our live audience to dress for the occasion in their best 1920s/1930s clothes – so that they can join us afterwards for a dance in one of Seraph City’s many fabulous establishments!"

Read all about it and see some gorgeous photographs by PJ Trenton in the Designing Worlds blog entry, Dieselpunk and Designing Worlds.
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So I have this friend. He's the best punster I have *ever* met, he's always cheery, very nice, a good dancer, quite the sociable happy .... otter. Er, yeah, he's an otter whenever I see him!

Scottius Polke, aka Scott Rolfe is also a very talented artist. Poke (Polke?) around his site, Rusty Crocodiles for a while and you'll believe me. I'm particularly fond of his Scribble Gallery as I've had the privilege of seeing each piece gleefully unveiled as they have been created this past year. "Two Caribou" in that gallery was inspired by Caribou Ken, and "Red Panda Illustration" came out of my telling Scott all about our departed friend Kielle.

This clever otter has now assembled many of his scribble-arts into a calendar called Animals in the Scribbled Wild.

Support the arts. Encourage excellence. Bring beauty into your own space. It's otterly wonderful!
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Sunday, October 17 at 2pm slt
Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry

Aether Salon, Palisade Entrance

Aether Salon, Academy Entrance

Do you know one? ARE you one? From self-rescuing princesses to those daring gals who save the world and look fabulous doing so (hey, soot is IN), all the while cooking, cleaning, and raising brilliant children. Who isn't a little bit curious how they do it all? I mean, trouncing and squashing and humiliating Evil-doers is a huge job, right? For the Aether Salon's two-year anniversary, Miss Bookworm Hienrichs will enlighten us, as well as share a few tips and tricks she's picked up along the way. You'll be on the edge of your seat, gasping in awe at the derring-do of amazing and resourceful heroines throughout history. Watch out henchmen, madmen, and villains all! A new Heroine is in town!

To learn more about the Aether Salon of New Babbage and read past Salon transcripts, visit http://aethersalon.blogspot.com
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My plurkfriends got to hear me babble on this yesterday, but I thought I would lay out in excruciating detail what I would very much like to see in a Second Life viewer.

As background: I run a few coffee shops in Second Life (the CocoaJava Cafe in New Babbage and the Java Jive in Seraph City). I also dance and help manage the New Champagne Rooms burlesque club in Seraph City. AND I both write and am Deputy Editor for the Primgraph and Prim Perfect magazines. So, I have fun stuff on my plate.

I am a sociable person, and my friends list currently holds exactly 200 names. However, I have a real problem with multitasking and living 'in the moment' with instant messaging. It's just how my brain is wired.

Given all these factors, here's a typical log-on for Ceejay:
1. Check the secondlife.com website to get a sneak peek at how many of my friends are online, so I can mentally brace myself.
2. Take a deep breath and log on.
3. Start accepting/sorting blue notices, inventory, notecards.
4. Watch as the IM windows start opening, one after another, usually topping out at about 20.
5. Begin talking in IM, trying my best to deal with conversations that will be brief so I can close the windows.
6. Get into the more extensive conversations.
7. Try to review my "to-Do" notecard as I juggle conversations.
8. Debate teleporting over to my cafes to do maintenance, wondering who will be there and how many conversations I'll get into there too. Decide to wait.
9. Work my way through incoming posters and other notices I will need to hang on the cafe walls.
10. Realize I just totally missed replying to an IM sent 20 minutes ago. Placate annoyed friend.
11. Realize I have 5 minutes to change clothes and get to a scheduled commitment.
12. Scramble, get there, and continue fielding IM's at the event, only half enjoying my surroundings.
13. Realize how late it is and log off.

Sometime after logoff, I remember I was going to build something, or visit a new sim, or settle in somewhere and write. Most likely, I never moved from the spot I landed in, unless I had an event to work.

This is all good stuff I am dealing with! I rarely ever deal with drama these days, and I absolutely love the projects I am involved with. But... where's the 'me' time?

Saturday I made a decision. I turned off my entire friends list from view. That alone took ten minutes, as my viewer kept refreshing and showing me ghosted X's where they were actually unclicked. 200 names at a slow pace takes a while. And then I updated my profile to let people know what I had done, and that I could still be contacted by IM and email - I was just trying to push the spotlight off myself a little. A long, thoughtful discussion resulted and though I know some people will be upset for not being the exception to the rule, I'm standing firm by this choice.

I want my Hermit Time back. And I want someone developing Viewers to think about the Hermits inworld. Here's my wishlist for a perfect Viewer:

1. A one-click toggle to unclick ALL friends at once. And to turn it back on again.
2. An Away function that does not block Group chat, or mess with incoming inventory. (I can't use the current setup, it's messed up other functions too many times).
3. The ability to time-delay the sending of a blue notice. If I could set them up in advance and let them 'drip' at a later time, goodness that would be a help.
4. In addition to Busy and Away statuses, I want "Me Time" status.
5. The ability to NOT appear on peoples sim radars, mini maps, etc. Especially not as a special friend-color.
6. The ability to block Avatar Detectors that exist to show if someone is online even if they are not on your friends list.
7. The ability to hide my online status from group chat windows. This one is debatable I know - if I am taking the liberty to quietly read a group, they should be aware of who's reading. So, it's just a flippant wish, at best.
8. Seamless transfer of inventory (yes, I mean No Trans) between a main avatar and an alt. I am totally fine with 'registering' my research alt so their connection is known to Linden Lab. Basically - treat them as two halves of one avatar.

I'm sure my wishlist will strike a nerve with many. We all have unique second lives, and social needs, and plenty of other personal requirements. But this is my blog and what I want is to sometimes be able to explore, build, and write in Second Life in total peace.

When I walk outside my front door in First Life, I don't phone up all my neighbors and announce I'm on the sidewalk. If I'm sitting in a park enjoying the sunshine, I don't expect a friend three towns away to suddenly flop down on the bench with me. But in my Second Life, there's no corresponding sense of solitude.

I love my friends. I run social venues, and I write for as many readers as I can. But I also think that the most beautiful sunsets exist in Second Life, and I would like to quietly enjoy some of them.

There's nothing wrong with solitude. Let's have a Viewer that embraces and celebrates it. Please?
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Like Fantasy?

Like Dragons?

Like Hedgies? (Riding Snails?)

Like Elves?

A Bit Silly?

Like Second Life?

Multiple 'yes' answers mean that Prim Prefect's Issue #28 Is Soooo Your Cuppa Tea
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Learn more about the origins, traditions, and future of these newfangled moving images with noted practitioner Loki Eliot.

Loki will also give a small talk about origins of, and what he believes is vital to, making engaging, memorable and emotive Machinema in Second Life which will include audio and video experiences to enlighten.

Join the first fall Salon of the 2010-2011 Season! Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones too. If you've never been, you will even be given a stylish Salon chair.

Bring your wit, and your questions, but please leave your weapons, incendiaries, badly behaved elder relatives, and non-housebroken shoulderpets at home.

SLurl to the Aether Salon

Catch up with transcripts of past salons at the Aether Salon Blog.
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On the morning of September the First, New Babbage Hotel Proprietor and Certainly Not A Timelord Victor1st Mornington pushed open the front door of his luxury hotel... only to find that he was trapped.

This is certainly not anything a sane person would expect. But, this is New Babbage. Read on...

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