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The New Champagne Rooms "Shimmy For A Cure" weekend event was great fun, and very successful! Our wonderful, generous guests opened their hearts and wallets... Relay For Life gained $34,000 lindens during the course of the evening. Those of you that attended, thank you so, so much!

If you weren't able to attend but wish to help out this highly deserving cause, I've got a RFL donation kiosk up at the CocoaJava Cafe, or if you'd rather donate in First-Life-Funds, I'm a member of the New Babbage team, and here is the link to my personal donation page. I've nearly met my goal! And you know what? When I do meet it, I'll.... raise the goal! I'm not ready to give up yet. Are you?
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Friday Night Dancing and Intrigue

The Friday night show at the New Champagne Rooms was a bit frantic, but heaps of fun! We have the best audiences ever. Dancing for our patrons is as much fun as watching a show, at least I hope so! After the show, I found myself back in New Babbage, sipping a drink at Loki's Absinthe, with... ah, but I shouldn't say. But we talked about... oh, that was in confidence. It was a night I shall not soon forget, for many reasons, such as... oh, goodness, I can't tell you THAT!

Saturday Morning Breakfast in Babbage

Saturday morning, the sleepy townsfolk of New Babbage crawled out of bed rather early and staggered down to Bolyai Plaza for our Clockwinder's second Rezzday. We spent a few hours dressed in silly outfits, eating cereal, and listening to some super-fun music courtesy our DJ Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle. "Saturday morning cartoons for the ears", indeed! Check out Sir Edward's pictures and the playlist!

In the fray of the day, I didn't get a chance to thank Elina for this link to a certain mahvelous cartoon in her website which right now, to the dismay of anyone in sight of my monitor, is my wallpaper. Holmes, Watson, Crossdressing and Hello Kitty? Yes. All relevant to the Breakfast Rezzday!.

Shimmy For A Cure

I managed to get a new burlesque act written in time for our Relay For Life charity evening, and wow did we have some fun! The audience was wonderful (I do so love it when I'm dancing and get a LOT of response and feedback from the crowd!) We raised a lot of lindens to help fight cancer, and had a great time doing so.

Bonus Random Item: Sweet CHUG-CHUG-CHUG Georgia CHUG-CHUG-CHUG Brown

Doctor Obolensky shares three guitars accompanied by a tractor, which the Doc describes as "An ancient Swedish farm worker lays down the industrial beat..." If you aren't happy before playing this, you'll be happy afterwards.

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