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Magazine display

Prim Perfect is looking for a Graphic Designer to join an amazing team!

This is a rare opportunity to work with one of the most highly regarded and fastest growing media groups within Second Life. Prim Perfect Publications consists of three distinct productions: Prim Perfect magazine (Second Life’s premier home and gardens magazine), Designing Worlds (the Treet TV show for design and designers in virtual worlds), and The Primgraph (Second Life vintage and steampunk magazine).

We wish to hire an energetic, enthusiastic, and proactive individual who can be part of the team responsible for designing and laying out Prim Perfect to create new editions of this stunning magazine, which is scheduled to appear every six weeks.

The successful candidate will have attitude, aptitude, and appetite. A proven ability to meet deadlines is essential.

You will be a creative person with a flair for magazine design. You will have the flexibility to work with different writers and photographers, and the organisation skills to work to a set schedule.

You will work both independently and with the various production and editorial teams, so good communication skills are a must.

Job responsibilities include: laying out the magazine using an high-end DTP package*; assigning photographers to stories; taking the odd photograph yourself when needed; assigning different level of advertising space throughout the magazine and integrating it within the layout.

* we would strongly prefer the successful candidate to use Adobe InDesign.

Knowledge of DTP and Photoshop are essentials, as is experience in RL print and/or online rich content design. A passion for virtual world design would be an advantage.

Applicants should have at least six months experience in Second Life. Applicants should have real life experience of the design process and key issues affecting designers.

Payment will be on a profit share basis.

Applicants should apply in writing to primperfect@gmail.com, giving:
Avatar Name:
Rezz Date:
Employment experience in Second Life:
Any real life experience you believe may be relevant:
Why you believe you are a suitable candidate for this position:
The names and contact details of two SL references:

CLOSING DATE: November 10th. Successful applicants will be asked to complete a design task and to attend an interview.

For more information about Prime Perfect Publications see:
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If you haven't already heard, the new Prim Perfect Issue #20: Fall In New England is out! I can't improve on Saffia Widdershins blog post about the new issue - truly, her announcement is a work of art in itself, complete with dazzling photos drawn from the pages of this spectacular issue.

So please, follow the hotlink above, let the announcement set the mood, and then treat yourself to a hot spiced apple cider (or Fall drink of your choice!) and relax with our latest Prim Perfect magazine. Your eyes will thank you!
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Hot off the presses! The new Prim Perfect is out! This is issue 19 for August, 2009. We focus on the Hosoi sims, which are absolutely astounding. The articles about Hosoi and other oriental themes are a must-read, without question. There's also some good articles on responsible roleplay, SL6B, and I have to point out Lumiere Noir's article on modular building, since it was of SUCH help in my quest to rise above my noobish building skills.

I'm very proud of this issue, and of the Prim Perfect team. We have the best writers, photographers, designers, and editors! I'm proud to be associated with this publication!
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The 2nd anniversary issue of Prim Perfect is out! Reading it via the Calameo.com site is my recommendation, as it gives you the full magazine experience, right down to the crispy sound of turning the pages. It's right here: Prim Perfect Issue Issue #17

The whole issue is well worth reading cover to cover, but if you're in a hurry, here are my article contributions. *grin*

Page 24: Home Expo 2009 (though I should mention that I only collected some of that info, I believe one of the other staff writers polished up and completed the article)

Page 53: Country Living in Neufreistadt

Page 62: An Interview with Leyla Firefly, Builder and Second Life Romantic (my favorite article, please read it!)

Page 68: Special Feature: Five Sims Filled with Love and Creativity

Page 114: Advice for Newcomers: Controlling your Inventory, Notecards and Landmarks

Also, as part of the second year anniversary festivities, the entire staff is featured in "Looking Back: Two Years of Prim Perfect". Ceejay's wee bit is on page 107 in that article!

Whew. No wonder April felt like such a busy month! *flops*

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