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We're getting ready for an evening of lounging, dancing, and talking about music with Josh of Vernian Process next Sunday night at 8pm slt (join us!) Tonight was 'figure out the music streams' night, with much giggling. Good times with good friends.

Left to Right, Ceejay Writer, Ahnyanka Delphin, VernianProcess Steampunk, Hadrian Nightfire, Kitti Munster

Wee hours of June 22, 2009
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... one is silver and the other gold.

Last weekend, I took a bit of time from an overwhelming to-do list to relaxing at my CocoaJava Cafe with Clockwinder Tenk, Beq Janus and new friend Tinus Koskinen. I'm really liking the pillows-on-the-floor arrangement lately. It creates a relaxed setting to just talk, which is the primary reason I built this cafe. I wanted a no-pressure setting for people to wander through, stay a while, wander off... no hype, no agenda, no Best-In-Wing contests (ugh), just rest and conversation.

As often happens when a few folk gather, Green Dot Syndrome had an effect, and much to my delight, Jer Hawksby dropped by. He's an old friend from lands beyond the Grid, and though I knew he was learning his way in SL, I had not yet met this good friend's avatar.

I can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to see Jer so warmly accepted by some of my favorite Babbagers. It was great to get better acquainted with my new friend, Tinus Koskinen as well.

Eventually, one by one, everyone wandered back to their tasks, and I hope they felt rested and happy for their respite at the Cafe. If so, it's reason for existing has been fulfilled.
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Looking good for no lindens! I won a Baron of BlackLuck men's suit at the Bare Rose lucky chair, and an amazing hat at Reghan's Hatpins. The gears on it TURN. In spite of these being men's items, I feel quite stylish in them! (clicking through each pic gives you the power to embiggen them.)

Ceejay Writer Crossdressing :)

Also, a nice pic of my friend Beq visiting my loft in Babbage Palisade on January 3, 2008.

Miss Beq Janus

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