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Here is a multiple choice quiz: Viv Trafalgar is:

a) A talented clothing designer
b) A creator of marvelous builds
c) A shrewd scripter
d) A community encourager and supporter
e) A writer and aetheric engineer (webmaster in mundane terms)
f) An intelligent woman of Proper Salon Society
g) A silly, funny friend
h) All of the above

The correct answer is, of course, H. Viv is indeed a talented clothing designer... but what good is clothing without a community to dress up for? The Steampunk and Victorian communities of Second Life have greatly benefited from Viv's creativity and generosity, in so many ways! I am lucky enough to be one of those she's taken under her wing. Let me count the ways. I, along with Ahnyanka Delphin were privileged to be invited to speak on the topic of Burlesque at one of the monthly Aether Salons organized by Viv and and fellow Salonista Serafina Puchkina. Viv has also been a patient teacher as I learn the art of building, encouraging me with lessons, laughter and a great deal of patience. We share a Hello Kitty bond that cannot be explained. Viv has a knack for committing random acts of hilarity in my IM window just when I am at my most frustrated. She's recently joined the staff of the Primgraph magazine, which makes us co-workers! She is not one to toot her own horn enough, and so I've stolen her horn and want to give a few trumpet blasts on it.

Toot! Toot! Toot! If you knew Vivvie, like I know Vivvie... )

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