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(Poster designed by Lia Bilavio)

Week-long Events

Open Air Market
Shop carts along the Port Babbage docks will be filled with festival themed wares, food and games for festival goers to take and purchase. Shop carts can be provided, though you can also use your own display if you wish (within logical prim reasoning). First come first serve for spots, more space will be provided so all can participate. The first section of carts will be set out Friday, August 19th. Prim limit of around 25 per market cart area.

Build Contest
Contest theme is "Air Kraken Traps: Most Inventive Way to Capture an Air Kraken." Building platforms will be set out in the Academy of Industry Friday, August 19th, deadline for completion to be judged is Saturday, August 27th at Noon SLT and will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Additional space will be created if necessary. Please keep builds under 150 prims. Top three placed builds will be given prizes.

(Poster designed by Aeolus Cleanslate)

Black Ink and Bold Tales
At the core of each Air Kraken is a well of deepest blackest ink. Pick up your quill, dip into the source and pen your poem or tale of adventure. All creative writings about these legendary beasts of the skies are welcome.

No minimum word-count, but please, no longer than 1,500 words. Submissions will be accepted the entire week of the Air Kraken Festival, either by notecard to Ceejay Writer, or email to ceejay@cocoajava.com. After the festival, a panel of judges will choose the winners in these categories: Truly Terrifying Tale (horror), You're Kraken Me Up (humor), Surprise from the Skies (cleverest) and Misunderstood Monsters (Pro-Kraken viewpoints), as well as one overall winner, the Tantamount Tall Tentacle Tale.

Plans are afoot to publish all entries in some form of anthology for everyone's enjoyment afterwards. Submission of your entry shall indicate your agreement to this project.

"Look here! Look there! Look everywhere!"
Rumor has it there is a baby kraken that has lost his way in our fair city! Can you free this adorable little beast before he has our town for his feast? There's a reward in it for you if you do, so join the hunt and follow all the clues! The scavenger hunt will work just like a regular Secondlife Hunt will, taking you through 8 locations within the wondrous world of New Babbage. If you follow the clues and riddles you will certainly find the baby Kraken, however releasing him is up to you. There is no time limit and it's no race, but we hope you have fun and explore together!

Air Kraken Exhibit
An exciting and intriguing natural history exhibit by Kimika Ying focusing on air kraken at the Exhibition Hall in New Babbage.

Other Activities:

Air Kraken Target Practice
Located on the docks of Port Babbage. Come safely test your shooting skills against the miniature-airship towed air kraken drones.

Air Kraken Attacks
Once you've sharpened your skills with target practice go up against the big boys. Located in Clockhaven (as well as unannounced attacks in town). ((Psst- Look over the ledge of the wall towards the water, click on the top of the barrel to produce kraken.))

Kite Flying
Grab a free themed kite and enjoy flying them around Port and town.

One Time Events

Opening Party
Casual and fun celebration of the opening of the festival. 6-8pm SLT Sunday, August 21st at Liberty Hall in the Academy of Industry.

Listening Parties

There will be two listening parties on Tuesday, August 23rd featuring The Tales of New Babbage broadcast "Horror of the Heights" with the voice of Vic Mornington and hosted at the Brunel Hall Hotel's bar, Muirsheen Durkin. The broadcast can be also heard on Radio Riel Steampunk at the below times.

The first party for the European time zones will be at 12-1pm SLT.

The second party for the North American time zones will be at 7-8pm SLT.

Closing Party
Saturday, August 27th at 7-9pm SLT on the roof of Portside Books in Port Babbage. Dress in your best air pirate/air kraken fighting attire and come celebrate the close of the festival. Dance, drink and be merry.

-Please contact Sky Melnik if you have any questions or ideas concerning the festival.
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New Babbage's Maceholder, Mister Aeolus Cleanslate, speaks about this exciting new project:

The City of New Babbage is a consensual hallucination of a steampunk city in a time that never was. It’s built out of bits and prims in SecondLife (instead of bricks and plaster), but it’s as “real” a place as Paris or Mumbai. People from all over the world “go” there daily to build fantastic machines, fight krakens, and roleplay vast, open-ended storylines replete with mad scientists, street urchins and evil geniuses.

We also write stories. With a few exceptions, none of us are professional writers, and few write enough to generate complete works. But for all that, the stories are immensely entertaining and sometimes excellent. We’ve assembled pages and pages of them – and want to share them with the world.

Pre-Order Tales of New Babbage, Vol. 1

New Babbagers wishing to become involved should read this informative post!
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Learn more about the origins, traditions, and future of these newfangled moving images with noted practitioner Loki Eliot.

Loki will also give a small talk about origins of, and what he believes is vital to, making engaging, memorable and emotive Machinema in Second Life which will include audio and video experiences to enlighten.

Join the first fall Salon of the 2010-2011 Season! Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones too. If you've never been, you will even be given a stylish Salon chair.

Bring your wit, and your questions, but please leave your weapons, incendiaries, badly behaved elder relatives, and non-housebroken shoulderpets at home.

SLurl to the Aether Salon

Catch up with transcripts of past salons at the Aether Salon Blog.
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On the morning of September the First, New Babbage Hotel Proprietor and Certainly Not A Timelord Victor1st Mornington pushed open the front door of his luxury hotel... only to find that he was trapped.

This is certainly not anything a sane person would expect. But, this is New Babbage. Read on...
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Writing for the Primgraph

Sitting in my factory in the Academy of Industry in New Babbage, hard at work writing for the next issue of the Primgraph magazine. (http://primgraph.blogspot.com/). My floating steam writing desk hovers off the floor and was created by Vian Magic. My 'SteamBook Pro' was created by Trilobyte Zanzibar. My animated writing chair (which allows me to really type) is by Lexa Rivera. My custom Seraph uniform is by BlakOpal Designs. Immersed in the music of Steampunk Radio Riel, reasonably safe in New Babbage, what could possibly go wrong?

Writing for the Primgraph
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I am sharing this news on behalf of Miss Canolli Capalini.

Get your typing fingers in shape, sharpen that imaginative mind of yours, and prepare to enter the 2nd Annual R.F. Burton Library Flash Fiction Contest. We had such a blast with that last year and I was personally WOW'd by all the entrants, I thought we'd do it again!

Theme: Victorian robotics/automatons/automatic men(or women(or children))/steampowered mechas/etcetera
Length: 600 words or less
Deadline: December 20, 2009
Details: Put your story on a notecard, check for spelling errors, and include your name and the word count. Drop your ORIGINAL story notecard in a box in the library. Entries will be featured in a book that will be available at the library in January. All entrants retain copyright, but grant permission to have their submissions used, without compensation, in the commemorative book.
Prize: Grand prize of 2500 lindens and every participant gets included in the commemorative book.

Now last year, there were some questions and I'll go ahead and address those here. This *IS* a contest, with a prize of 2500 lindens. The winner is chosen BY me, at my discretion. It will be the first story in the book. Now, last year, we let the title of the grand prize winner select the title of the book.. but I'll be honest. I'm rather fond of the title "Dialogues" and find it very fitting. So the title will remain Dialogues, vol. 2.
Original Illustrations and artwork are welcomed and will be included in the volume. *IF* your first language is NOT english, the story may be submitted in your primary language; Just please submit it early enough for us to obtain a translation or submit an english version as well.
If your entry does not include the title of the piece, your name, word count.. it will be dismissed and "the angels will weep for you".

Bear in mind, this is flash fiction (600 words or less). You're not telling an epic, but rather giving us a moment in time.. that can imply something epic, or it can just be that.. a moment in time. This can be one of the easiest and one of the hardest genres to fill.

This time, ladies and gentlemen, the deadline is absolute. Mrs. Capalini's typist has the week prior to Christmas off from her RL job and will be taking that time to compile all the stories into the glorious book to match the first volume. So, get those ideas crackin' and help add to the uniqueness of the New Babbage Public Library's stacks.

This contest is not open JUST for New Babbagers. If you are an aspiring writer or just.. inspired and frequent ANY of the steamlands and/or Caledon, this contest is open to you as well.
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To quote our Mayor, the Clockwinder, Mosseveno Tenk...

"Take a bow, New Babbage. You done good."

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What happens when two talk show hosts attempt a 'routine' interview in New Babbage? What could possibly go wrong? Got 25 minutes? Not easily frightened? It's Halloween, but surely that is just a coincidence..... or is it?

Designing Worlds - New Babbage Edition
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Join Us Today - for a spooky Designing Worlds in New Babbage! (follow the link to read about today's show in tantalizing detail.)

What is Designing Worlds, you may ask? It is a live weekly show covering design and designers in the virtual worlds. The show goes out live every Tuesday at 2pm SLT, and is presented by Saffia Widdershins, the Editor of Prim Perfect Magazine, and Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel. Archives of past shows can be found at Treet TV
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So much of our world is transient. As much as we feel the strength of the stone cobblestones under our heels on the streets of Babbage, and lean against her buildings, always counting on them to hold us up... it is still the grid. It is what it is. Steam may indeed power the grid in a Babbager's mind, but in the blink of an eye it can change, morph, vanish. Do not take it for granted. Preserve your memories, hold them fast in your mind and heart... and if you are Loki Eliot, keep the dream alive in that way that you do best. Behold his film of what was built and will vanish evermore. Here is what New Babbage gave over to Relay For Life this year. What was built was beyond fantastic. I personally hold a special memory of my own in the Galeri, and I am sure we all have our secret favorite corners and niches. Can you find yours? Watch.

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Friday evening, Galactic Baroque and I were chatting, and eventually he expressed a wish for Beq Janus to join us to recall the strange events leading up to, and possibly explaining the mysterious details and events surrounding New Babbage's Cloud Angel. One by one, other Babbagers joined us and were caught up in Beq's compelling tale. A couple of fascinating hours passed quickly, in excellent company. I may not sleep well tonight for the nightmares that will surely come from this horrific saga, so very well told by Miss Janus this eve.

More pictures... come see who wandered in and stayed to listen.
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Friday Night Dancing and Intrigue

The Friday night show at the New Champagne Rooms was a bit frantic, but heaps of fun! We have the best audiences ever. Dancing for our patrons is as much fun as watching a show, at least I hope so! After the show, I found myself back in New Babbage, sipping a drink at Loki's Absinthe, with... ah, but I shouldn't say. But we talked about... oh, that was in confidence. It was a night I shall not soon forget, for many reasons, such as... oh, goodness, I can't tell you THAT!

Saturday Morning Breakfast in Babbage

Saturday morning, the sleepy townsfolk of New Babbage crawled out of bed rather early and staggered down to Bolyai Plaza for our Clockwinder's second Rezzday. We spent a few hours dressed in silly outfits, eating cereal, and listening to some super-fun music courtesy our DJ Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle. "Saturday morning cartoons for the ears", indeed! Check out Sir Edward's pictures and the playlist!

In the fray of the day, I didn't get a chance to thank Elina for this link to a certain mahvelous cartoon in her website which right now, to the dismay of anyone in sight of my monitor, is my wallpaper. Holmes, Watson, Crossdressing and Hello Kitty? Yes. All relevant to the Breakfast Rezzday!.

Shimmy For A Cure

I managed to get a new burlesque act written in time for our Relay For Life charity evening, and wow did we have some fun! The audience was wonderful (I do so love it when I'm dancing and get a LOT of response and feedback from the crowd!) We raised a lot of lindens to help fight cancer, and had a great time doing so.

Bonus Random Item: Sweet CHUG-CHUG-CHUG Georgia CHUG-CHUG-CHUG Brown

Doctor Obolensky shares three guitars accompanied by a tractor, which the Doc describes as "An ancient Swedish farm worker lays down the industrial beat..." If you aren't happy before playing this, you'll be happy afterwards.

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... one is silver and the other gold.

Last weekend, I took a bit of time from an overwhelming to-do list to relaxing at my CocoaJava Cafe with Clockwinder Tenk, Beq Janus and new friend Tinus Koskinen. I'm really liking the pillows-on-the-floor arrangement lately. It creates a relaxed setting to just talk, which is the primary reason I built this cafe. I wanted a no-pressure setting for people to wander through, stay a while, wander off... no hype, no agenda, no Best-In-Wing contests (ugh), just rest and conversation.

As often happens when a few folk gather, Green Dot Syndrome had an effect, and much to my delight, Jer Hawksby dropped by. He's an old friend from lands beyond the Grid, and though I knew he was learning his way in SL, I had not yet met this good friend's avatar.

I can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to see Jer so warmly accepted by some of my favorite Babbagers. It was great to get better acquainted with my new friend, Tinus Koskinen as well.

Eventually, one by one, everyone wandered back to their tasks, and I hope they felt rested and happy for their respite at the Cafe. If so, it's reason for existing has been fulfilled.
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The Champagne Rooms Goes To Babbage

Therese Carfagno, another of our lovely Champagne Rooms Dancers, blogged about our first show in New Babbage. She was in the audience cheering us on, which meant a lot to me. Nicely done, Therese! Thank you!
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Eons ago, when I was but a tourist in New Babbage, I was always drawn towards Eggberta Echegaray's Willow Tea Room. (not my pic, but a nice one!)

Sadly, the Willow Tea Room is no more, but my memories are strong. This vibrant, pretty building was always so easy to find, and quickly became my comfort-place. I knew where I was in town if I found the Tea Room. I based all my explorations on walking a little further out from the Tea Room each visit.

Recently, I received an email from my new friend Miss Penelope Strathearn that left me with a happy smile stuck on my face for hours. With her permission, I'll quote her. I know exactly how she feels finding her own 'anchor'... and honored that it is my own cafe. As far as I'm concerned, it's hers just as much as it's mine. I'm just building the place - Penelope, and others, are giving it warmth, and life.

As an utter newbie, one of the things I love about the Cocoajava Cafe (aside from the fact that there are often people there) is that it's a very recognizable building, even before all the surroundings have rezzed properly. Before I learned how to read the map and recognize some of the other buildings, there was a sense of comfort in coming across that familiar patio setting and thinking "Oh, I've been *here* before!" It helped me feel not quite so lost in my wanderings, so once I learned how to create landmarks in my inventory, that was one of the first landmarks I created. That way, if I got completely turned around, at least I'd have someplace familiar to return to that was more comfortable than a train station. :-)

Have I mentioned before that I love New Babbage? Because.... I love New Babbage, and those who choose to live, work or play in this sooty, sweet town.

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