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Wasuremono-tei - New Babbage's Japanese Tea House

Yesterday evening, I attended the opening of Wasuremono-tei, beyond the great wall in New Babbage's Palisade district. I'd rummaged through my inventory, and found a kimono purchased well over a year ago. It was nice to have an occasion to put it on again! I was greeted quite formally, but warmly, and took my place on a round floor pillow, near a rather tempting looking plate of sushi. Soon enough, my friends and neighbors began to filter in, also wearing their nicest Japanese clothing. Considering that most activities that take place in my town tend to involve explosions, otherworldly creatures, dastardly villains, misbehaving urchins or worse, it was quite a relief to see everyone behaving with such good manners.

The music was beautiful and soothing. We were told bittersweet tales, learned new things about the Geisha, blissed to graceful dancing, and were treated with gentle respect. I hated to see the evening end!

It was very nice to have such a tranquil start to my evening, since later in the night I was to be the Hostess at the New Champagne Rooms... my first time ever running the show on my own, and was I nervous? Oh my YES! But, two of our finest dancers, Miss Ayla and Miss December performed wonderfully (Ayla dressed as a charming candy-cane-girl, and December as the sweetest little reindeer ever!) and our audience was delightful. Quite a few guests were there, which kept this fledgling Hostess on her toes and scrambling for drinks and to offer seating. By the time the event ended, I truly was ready to fall into bed, and slept quite soundly.

It was an unforgettable day in my life - from a relaxing, calming afternoon to a frantic, fun-filled evening! Some days, my life really does run the gamut!

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