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In RL, the woman on the other side of this monitor just finished planting her veggie garden. In the back of her garden are raspberry canes and a strawberry patch. A lot of work is still ahead, weeding out those strawberries, and herding them in (they like to leap across the boundaries and grow where they like!)

In SL, gardening is a lot easier and completely weed free, unless you like weeds, that is. My favorite virtual gardener is Gumi Yao, and she has just finished cultivating some wonderful strawberries. These are beautifully detailed. They are plump, ripe and look absolutely delicious. Gumi tells me she does not have a green thumb in RL, but she tends a wonderful SL garden!

Take a wander over to Gumi's Flower Shop, where you will find plants, cut flowers, vases, candles, gift boxes, and full perm items for builders. Every item is made with careful attention to detail, and as low-prim as can be accomplished.

Strawberries in Barrel

More delicious strawberries behind the cut! )
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Spring is here! The typist that assists me in speaking my thoughts tells me that the tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinths are in full bloom throughout her herb garden.

That's fine for her - but what good does that do me? I love springtime too, but I need to have beautiful blooms and plants in Second Life to decorate my home and cafe! Happily, I know a very talented woman by the name of Gumi Yao, of Gumi's Flower Box. She makes low-prim flowers, and oh, are they beautiful. Gracefully curved little works of art, and very adaptable to my needs.

I am very fond of her sweet little crocus flowers, especially the striped one. I placed a few in my CocoaJava Cafe just as the New Babbage snow was melting, and immediately felt cheerier and warmer. Soon I will be winding flowering vines around my supporting columns, and who knows what next? I love playing with these flowers, and they could pop up just about anywhere!

Please visit my friend Gumi at Gumi's Flower Box and see what you think! Do you need more temptation? Here's a little gallery of photos I have set up to showcase more of her work.

Seven Red Tulips with Hexagonal Vase
Seven Red Tulips with Hexagonal Vase

Striped Crocus - Resizable
Striped Crocus - Resizable

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