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Looking good for no lindens! I won a Baron of BlackLuck men's suit at the Bare Rose lucky chair, and an amazing hat at Reghan's Hatpins. The gears on it TURN. In spite of these being men's items, I feel quite stylish in them! (clicking through each pic gives you the power to embiggen them.)

Ceejay Writer Crossdressing :)

Also, a nice pic of my friend Beq visiting my loft in Babbage Palisade on January 3, 2008.

Miss Beq Janus
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While wandering about this morning in search of suitable locations for an article I am writing for the Primgraph, I stumbled upon a sweet little shop that has captured my heart. Yak & Yeti: Free Clothing For Free Avatars. Everything in this cute little shop in Salzburg is free. There's men's and women's clothing, including some pretty saris, lots of Indian dresses and just all sorts of things! Even the ornate trunk upstairs, the lush rug under your feet and the cute round sitting-pillows are free.

But what really did me in was finding the little Red Panda, a friend that can sit on my shoulder. A Red Panda. This is something intensely personal to my typist, as she lost a dear friend a few years back, who's totem was the Red Panda. I have never encountered one in Second Life before today. Just... I was near tears, happy ones.

There is a donation box, completely voluntary. I suggest dropping some lindens in if you are able.
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I spent a good part of this evening socializing with friends in Ruby's Pub in the Babbage Canal district. There was much animated chatter about town gossip and our latest bit of excitement involving a library opening and an escaped mummy (believe me, this sort of thing is normal in Babbage!)

One of those who lazed with us, and was delightful company, was Miss Antikythera String, who's recently arrived to become part of our upcoming circus. I found myself admiring her outfit, such a cute little automaton girl..... and then I stumbled upon this lovely photo of her.... and read her commentary below it! I bow to the new queen of frugal elegance!

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