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... one is silver and the other gold.

Last weekend, I took a bit of time from an overwhelming to-do list to relaxing at my CocoaJava Cafe with Clockwinder Tenk, Beq Janus and new friend Tinus Koskinen. I'm really liking the pillows-on-the-floor arrangement lately. It creates a relaxed setting to just talk, which is the primary reason I built this cafe. I wanted a no-pressure setting for people to wander through, stay a while, wander off... no hype, no agenda, no Best-In-Wing contests (ugh), just rest and conversation.

As often happens when a few folk gather, Green Dot Syndrome had an effect, and much to my delight, Jer Hawksby dropped by. He's an old friend from lands beyond the Grid, and though I knew he was learning his way in SL, I had not yet met this good friend's avatar.

I can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to see Jer so warmly accepted by some of my favorite Babbagers. It was great to get better acquainted with my new friend, Tinus Koskinen as well.

Eventually, one by one, everyone wandered back to their tasks, and I hope they felt rested and happy for their respite at the Cafe. If so, it's reason for existing has been fulfilled.
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I dearly love New Babbage. I especially love my neighborhood up in the Palisade. Last night, I decided to do a bit more solitary refurbishing to my CocoaJava Cafe (yes, I am becoming completely addicted to building now, fear me!)

As is often the case, Mister Mason Barnes was relaxing at a table, and after a few pleasantries, in which I realized he was not yet aware of the NB Ning (he immediately skittered over to sign up!) I dug into my work. Ah, but then Viv Trafalgar arrived, and offered assistance with a pesky prim that had been giving me no end of troubles. As we worked, a few more neighbors wandered over... and then the Green Dot Syndrome started to snowball. See, that's when there's a cluster of green dots on the SL map, and they are noticed, so others come by to see what might be going on. "Is this a party?" "No, not really, how are you? Sit down, have some coffee, talk a while!" We caught up on local news, and a few folk showed off their latest fashions. "Is that a new dress? Oh, you made it? How wonderful!" Mister Barnes tucked into a bit of building of his own, which is fine - I allow others to dabble a bit on my property, as everyone so far has been very polite about cleaning up after themselves or else leaving amusing items in the cafe for everyone's enjoyment. I hope to be able to leave things this way for a while, it's fun.

Just about then, Miss AnnaMaria Isabella started put on a show of sorts right next door by rezzing her fabulous new building! So, now our non-event was turning into a Gawker's Fest as we watched our newest resident settle in.

Before I knew it, it was 11:30 pm and though I was having a grand time of it, my typist dearly needed to crawl into bed. I believe there were about fifteen people chattering happily on the patio when we made our farewells.

The building is far from finished. I have a small shoppe to stock, the kitchen to finish, and to settle on a use for the upstairs room. I need to add ladders to access the rooftop. I consider the Widow's Walk on the roof to be a social area as well, but of a different sort. My notion is that this is a trysting-place, for sweethearts who wish to be alone, perhaps share a dance, and steal kisses. To add to the fun, the only access will be via random ladders, so they may feel they are truly scampering about in search of a pretty place to moon over each other.

It makes me very happy to note the random comings and goings of friends and strangers, and to see my place becoming a cosy, sociable destination in Palisade. Thank you, everyone, for your friendship and support. Enjoy the cafe, with my compliments.
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I have so many plans and ideas for my new land! The CocoaJava Cafe is coming along well - Rip Wirefly has been of great help, and has produced some amazing devices that are for sale in the Cafe now. I've cleaned up a lot of the building, but still have a bit more to do. It's fun mucking about with it, though. I have eventual plans to lease out the small shop that is a part of the building (it has an entrance facing the side street) and turn the upstairs into a shelter for the homeless. I'll also be adding a lot of small 'passthrough' hotlinks that will effectively turn the space between my SL Cafe and my cocoajava.com website into a wormhole, allowing visitors on both sides to glimpse across the void at each other. I'm loving this.

Here's some pics! )
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It has been quite a weekend for this humble Babbager!

In the span of just a few days, I have gone from renter to landholder, from simply a freelance writer-for-hire to the proprietress of an espresso and chocolate shoppe, from a woman who would occasionally create a square box (and build it badly) for amusement, to one who is now undertaking the restoration of an old, venerable, seen-better-days but sturdily built structure (okay, let's say it right, Bob gave me a recycled Loner Lane building, completely missing it's rear end but packed with charm and warmth!) and I have sped up my long-term plan to build a business in Babbage.

If you are strolling through the Palisade, do follow your nose, which will lead you on with the lure of hot cocoa and freshly brewed espresso. If my luck holds out, these scents will lead you to the CocoaJava Cafe, directly across the railroad tracks from Her Dark Materials, and kittycorner from the Aether Salon.

The Cafe is far from complete. Also, I have future plans to refurbish the second floor, and the small storefront in the rear of the building. In the meantime, though, please feel free to stop and relax a bit! I've put out some comfy chairs and tables, hot coffee awaits you, and the cocoa is rich, warm and yours for the taking. I've tried my best to complete the patio portion, so please stop for a warm beverage soon, and rest your weary bones a spell.

I would also like to mention that in collaboration with Mister Rip Wirefly, the CocoaJava Cafe is proud to announce the creation of The Amazing Wirefly Steam Powered Falling Chocolate Confectionary Device! A working model of this culinary marvel can be found on the Cafe patio floor, just near the door to the kitchens. I beseech you to take care as you approach this device, as the aroma of dark, rich, warm, flowing chocolate just might send you into fits of rapture.

More marvels are in the works... as is Miss Ceejay's own line of Gourmet Friendship Truffles. Friendship, you ask? Well, you will just have to wait and see what that's all about, now won't you?
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(This entry title is in reference to a rather fun book.) Future home of the CocoaJava Cafe in Second Life! This is directly across the street from Her Dark Materials in Babbage Palisade.

Already building, and much plotting has commenced. Also quite a bit of assistance has come from DreddPirateBob Streeter and Rip Wirefly. Thanks guys!

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