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After the week I've had.... I'm definitely ready to party. Tonight I'll be attending the New Year's Ozashiki at the Wasuremono-tei Tea House in Babbage Palisade, and later in the evening, in place of the usual show, the New Champagne Rooms will be hosting a Calendar Release party from 9-11pm SLT. I'll be wearing the same outfit I wore as Miss March in our new 2009 calendar! Should be heaps of fun, come join us!
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Date/Time: December 17, 2008 from 5pm to 6:30pm
Wasuremono-tei Tea House, Babbage Palisade, New Babbage

The tea house will be having its opening event this Wednesday. The event will feature the Geiko, Maiko and Minari of Pontocho Okiya. Please join us as these ladies of grace bless us with a glimpse into their hidden world. There isn't a dress code, come as you are, feel free to put on your best kimono however.
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I'll admit I've been neglecting this journal in favor of chattering with my SL neighbors on another blogging platform, but it's time I came back home. My typist has been with LJ since 2002 and this *feels* like our place. I'll still poke into those other blogging systems since many friends are there (sure wish they'd all just pack up and come HERE for my own convenience! Hah!) but ideally... I'd like to keep my thoughts back home, right here.

I will be setting up a few filters for my use. I haven't done that with this journal before, but I'd like to be able to talk freely amongst some various clusters of folk, and that will put me more at ease. I wouldn't worry if I were you. If you're not on a filter, you'd probably find whatever's going on there pretty boring to you.

Ah, and yes - if any of you are aware of citizens of New Babbage that are in livejournal and not on my friends list, I would surely love an introduction to them! I live in the Palisade, but moor my airship in the new Wheatstone Waterways sim. And I would absolutely love to be chattering with as many of my Babbage neighbors as possible, right here.
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I think this should erase any doubt as to why living in New Babbage is a dream come true for me. :) Ah, and at the 3:05 mark? I live inside that factory!

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