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The New Champagne Rooms is proud to celebrate it's third consecutive year of burlesque with a Silver Screen Ball. As a tribute to the wonders of black and white cinema, we will be dancing the night away in black and white ourselves!

Join us this Saturday from noon to 2pm SLT at The New Champagne Rooms in Seraph City as we dance upstairs in the ballroom to a live DJ. In the lobby you will find a free gray scale skin and though costume isn't required, won't it be fun?
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Andy Riverstone's singing talent combines with her love of jazz music to create an unforgettable live music event. Come hear her perform at the Java Jive in Seraph City on July 25th at 5pm slt. Andy graduated from the Shenandoah Conservatory with a Bachelor of Music degree. She has performed in Second Life at the Empress of the Aethers at Thistle Hill in Caledon. Please welcome her at her first live performance in Seraph City. Get a sneak preview of this amazing talent here!

The Java Jive Café is located at 160 Moss Avenue in Seraph City, a dieselpunk community that lets you experience 'yesterday's tomorrow, today!'

The event poster was created by Mister PJ Trenton, who's also taken some wonderful photographs around Seraph City. Enjoy!
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The Primgraph will have a presence at the World Steam Expo this weekend from May 28th to 31st. Ceejay Writer, Deputy Editor of the Primgraph, as well as other New Babbagers and Second Life steampunk fans, will be joining around two thousand others at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan.

Read more at the Primgraph's blog.
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Having personally discovered the joys of creating and building in Second Life this past year - I bring you the cure for SL burnout: It's a wonderful Second Life: Breathe 2

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I have this friend. He's charming, handsome, but above all has one of the most insightful minds I have yet met. Recently we were talking about the nature of virtual worlds, and bandied a lot of notions and ideas about. He talked with other friends, as well. The upshot is this intelligent, well written blog post by my good friend Raven Haalan. Please read it - it is well worth your time and I am sure he would love your comments and thoughts.

“Virtualism” – A Movement for a New World
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Welcome to our May issue—our Third Anniversary issue! Yes, we launched Prim Perfect on May 1st 2007 with a party and a charity auction in Venice Island, one of the many areas of Second Life that has, sadly, since disappeared.

But that’s certainly not true of our Region of the Month for this issue, which, under the carefully stewardship of Kiff Clutterbuck and Richardina Petty, has gone from strength to strength in providing one of the best and most popular blues locations in Second Life—Junkyard Blues. Ceejay Writer has a feature on the region, and as always learns the story of the Junkyard from Kiff and Dina themselves, while Raven Haalan finds his groove in the music of the Junkyard. And for those wishing to visit, Jvstin Tomorrow provides his guide of ten places to see in the Junkyard! Scotti Lyle explores an intriguing aspect of the Junkyard—the process of gentrification that sees not only waterside shacks, but also a trailer park and even pretty two storey houseboats. Because… how downmarket do people want to go?

You can read more about this issue (which was so much fun to create) right here at our blog or go directly to the magazine and dig in. I have to comment on the photography - it's wonderful.
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After 2 years of entertaining crowds on the Jersey Island sim, the New Champagne Rooms is proud to announce the Grand Opening celebration of their new home on Seraph City. At 3pm SLT, the Grand Opening Gala will include vintage burlesque from the lovely Champagne Ladies, fire eating talent of fellow Seraph City residents, Fire for Thought, and the remarkable DJ, Miss Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel.

The New Champagne Rooms is famous for being a traditional 20’s-40’s vintage burlesque theater that features lovely ladies putting on a cool, sophisticated performance in a chic, classy environment. These signature performances will fit beautifully in Seraph City, a retro-futuristic themed sim and set in the timeframe between the World Wars. For any questions or further information, please contact Miss Ahnyanka Delphin.
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Last month some of us banded together and became carnie folk for a time, to bring a carnivale to New Babbage. BlakOpal Galicia captured the magic in a machinima. Turn up the sound for the music!

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Avast, me hearties and welcome to Issue 11 of The Primgraph - where we'll be looking at all matters piratical! We have articles on pirate regions in Second Life, a Steampunk game on the Rezzable grid, pirate fashions and tales of real pirates + The Quest for the Golden Prim, a Lost Chapter of Jane Austen - and much more!

Nudging you to the Primgraph Aetheric Log, where there is a lavish writeup about this quite stunning issue!
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Today is my third rezzday. I arrived at this one in a fine frame of mind, thanks to spending a few weeks really pondering my SL existence, and making some positive changes. I'm feeling *very* good about the year to come!

I have heard about three-year-burnout from older friends before, and I can definitely see how it happens. By Year Three, an avatar is likely to be well-known in their social circles, has probably been through a lot of drama and stress, and most importantly, may have accumulated many friends, tasks and obligations. The simple act of logging into SL can actually be dreaded rather than anticipated, if one knows they'll be facing an avalanche of blue notes, notecards, subscribe-o-matic announcements, inventory offers -- and while trying to clear through those, the IM windows start stacking up like cordwood. For me, it was not unusual to log in, work on the incoming stuff, start fielding IM's, handle emergencies and occasional dramas... and finally log off some hours later, having never even left the point I logged into. I could go weeks without ever seeing a friend face to face, or goings somewhere interesting. That is not a Second Life. That's a Second Existence.

So I changed it. This is MY Second Life and should be what I want and need it to be. I tunneled in and completed dangling projects. I learned to say "No" when friends offered interesting, tempting, fun projects (that was really hard!). I made a list of all the collaborations with friends that were hanging, and realized that most of them could simply be let go. Not every notion in our heads will actually be DONE, and I needed to let go. I decided what projects are the most important to me, and thought about how I could get the most enjoyment out of them.

And here's what I've boiled it down to. My CocoaJava Cafe is important to me. It brings me a lot of joy in so many ways. Writing and editing for the Primgraph and Prim Perfect are very meaningful to me. I cannot tell you how much I am learning through these magazine collaborations - I'm gaining skills that may benefit me in my real life. And the friendships I've formed there are precious. Finally, the New Champagne Rooms is an outlet for the showoffy side of my personality, and very appealing to my love of eras gone by. Again, friendships formed there are very important to me. These are my three rocksolid committments in Second Life.

Anything else I do in Second Life will come from my wish to spend time with my friends, and to get back to exploring the grid at large. It's a big wonderful world and I want to see everything!

I'd thought about writing a list of advice - some bullet points of what I've learned, impart the wisdom gained by my advancing old age. :D But I changed my mind. I will leave you with a few thoughts, though. And I'll preface these by saying I'm still learning to take my own advice, too!

Thought the First: If you don't like your situation, change it. Do what you gotta do. If friendships are a mess, take the time to talk to people, one on one, and get down to the crux of things. Don't go on assumptions, don't rely on group-mentality for your info, and don't play passive-aggressive in hopes that everyone will notice and rush to put bandaids on your life. Be clear, honest, up-front and respect others. It goes a long way. Learn to use the social calendars in your desired realm. Find the Nings or other social networks connected to the regions you like, you're likely to learn a lot about the place and others and tighten up your friendships by becoming engaged in them.

Thought the Second: This is a specific Thought since I've had to deal with a lot of roleplay issues, even though I'm hardly a roleplayer in SL. But I am surrounded by them, as my chosen home is in a 'roleplay optional' City. Anyway. If you are craving roleplay... SLOW DOWN. Find the area's covenant, ask about specific rules. Imbed your character slowly and thoughtfully. Absorb the details of ongoing storylines. Ask questions privately, get the facts straight, and ponder how you will best fit in. Face it - a sim with a longstanding roleplay tradition will have accumulated it's own history, legends, folklore and taboos. Do not expect to be welcomed with open arms by rushing in the day you arrive and shaking things up. When you've gained a good understanding of the group, THEN you can shake things up in a way that's fun for all. You are not the star of the roleplay and never will be. It's collaborative, and all have their moments to shine. If the action is getting you stressed and angry and you're tempted to retaliate harshly - LOG OFF and go reconnect with your First Life for a while.

And that's enough lecturing! Time to get back to what matters. Enjoying and helping to nurture this amazing world we've all stumbled into. Go enjoy your Second Life. I intend to!
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Welcome Ladies, Greetings Gentlemen,
Hail Urchins, Children and Freaks

Thank you for attending...

=Renfold & Tremor’s=
=Carnivale D’ Arcane=
New Babbage

March 12, 13 & 14 1898

Friday, March 12th, 3pm: Performer Parade to Carnivale Grounds in New Babbage
4pm Grounds Open to One and All
Saturday, March 13th, 2pm: Big Show Begins
Saturday, March 13th, 4pm: Inner Freak contest Awards
Saturday, March 13th, 5pm: Big Show Again
Sunday, March 14th, 2pm: Finale Show

We present to you the following acts of daring agility, fearless chutzpah, devil-may-care folly and utter stupefaction!

The Plethora of Acts that Will Amaze and Astound! )
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Writing for the Primgraph

Sitting in my factory in the Academy of Industry in New Babbage, hard at work writing for the next issue of the Primgraph magazine. (http://primgraph.blogspot.com/). My floating steam writing desk hovers off the floor and was created by Vian Magic. My 'SteamBook Pro' was created by Trilobyte Zanzibar. My animated writing chair (which allows me to really type) is by Lexa Rivera. My custom Seraph uniform is by BlakOpal Designs. Immersed in the music of Steampunk Radio Riel, reasonably safe in New Babbage, what could possibly go wrong?

Writing for the Primgraph
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I am sharing a notecard I received from Ceejay's friend Gracie Kendal, and Lori's friend Kris Schomaker. Why do I make the dual-reference to who we are? It feels right, in light of what Gracie and Kris are doing. Please read, keep an open mind, and if you are so inclined, please help! I would also ask that you respect this request - it is not mandatory, and if you do not agree with the project, you are welcome to move on without ridicule. Behind the LJ-Cut is the full text of their message.

The Gracie Kendal Project - A Thesis )
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Valentine's Day is coming ... Do you want to shout your love from the rooftops? Do you want to share a secret? You can do both with the special Valentine's feature in The Primgraph!

This month we will be publishing a special classified section - for YOUR Valentine's Day messages. You can tell your love in twenty words or - at the far end of the scale - book a double page spread. There's a size - and a price - to suit all pockets.

And there will be all the fun of reading ... and guessing ... And wondering who on earth could Snookles of Babbage or Sweetlips of Caledon really be ... Deadline for receiving your order is January 20th!

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Roleplay games. Lots of us luv em. Lots of us lived em in livejournal and elsewhere. Allow me a bragging moment about my amazing city in Second Life, New Babbage. Today, January 8th, is the 3rd anniversary of our virtual steampunk city, and we celebrate that in our own wacky way... with a roleplay mystery to solve!

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A gift for you! There's a free Holly Hat in a gift box on the stone wall at the CocoaJava Cafe. Happy Solstice!

And in the spirit of the season, Steam Santa recently paid a visit to New Babbage. Ooooh! Let's watch, shall we?

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As a Prim Perfect staff writer, I am very pleased to announce the publication of our Christmas 2009 issue. Personally, this is my second favorite issue ever (the Halloween issue last month still rates as my personal fave.) Winter on Wolf Mountain... with a side trip via motorcycle to Route 66. It's all here, in droves. The photography is astounding, the writing is great, and really, the fact that we stuffed one magazine full with good solid information nearly all about ONE region pays testament to the value and scope of that region! Wolf Mountain, in a word... rocks.

If I haven't managed to convince you to read this issue, please go scan the offical announcement at our Prim Perfect Blog.

If I have indeed convinced you - there's no time to lose! Dive directly into the magazine right now, right here! See you on the slopes!
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I am sharing this news on behalf of Miss Canolli Capalini.

Get your typing fingers in shape, sharpen that imaginative mind of yours, and prepare to enter the 2nd Annual R.F. Burton Library Flash Fiction Contest. We had such a blast with that last year and I was personally WOW'd by all the entrants, I thought we'd do it again!

Theme: Victorian robotics/automatons/automatic men(or women(or children))/steampowered mechas/etcetera
Length: 600 words or less
Deadline: December 20, 2009
Details: Put your story on a notecard, check for spelling errors, and include your name and the word count. Drop your ORIGINAL story notecard in a box in the library. Entries will be featured in a book that will be available at the library in January. All entrants retain copyright, but grant permission to have their submissions used, without compensation, in the commemorative book.
Prize: Grand prize of 2500 lindens and every participant gets included in the commemorative book.

Now last year, there were some questions and I'll go ahead and address those here. This *IS* a contest, with a prize of 2500 lindens. The winner is chosen BY me, at my discretion. It will be the first story in the book. Now, last year, we let the title of the grand prize winner select the title of the book.. but I'll be honest. I'm rather fond of the title "Dialogues" and find it very fitting. So the title will remain Dialogues, vol. 2.
Original Illustrations and artwork are welcomed and will be included in the volume. *IF* your first language is NOT english, the story may be submitted in your primary language; Just please submit it early enough for us to obtain a translation or submit an english version as well.
If your entry does not include the title of the piece, your name, word count.. it will be dismissed and "the angels will weep for you".

Bear in mind, this is flash fiction (600 words or less). You're not telling an epic, but rather giving us a moment in time.. that can imply something epic, or it can just be that.. a moment in time. This can be one of the easiest and one of the hardest genres to fill.

This time, ladies and gentlemen, the deadline is absolute. Mrs. Capalini's typist has the week prior to Christmas off from her RL job and will be taking that time to compile all the stories into the glorious book to match the first volume. So, get those ideas crackin' and help add to the uniqueness of the New Babbage Public Library's stacks.

This contest is not open JUST for New Babbagers. If you are an aspiring writer or just.. inspired and frequent ANY of the steamlands and/or Caledon, this contest is open to you as well.
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To quote our Mayor, the Clockwinder, Mosseveno Tenk...

"Take a bow, New Babbage. You done good."

Fleet Week

Nov. 17th, 2009 03:42 pm
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The Steamlands are quite abuzz over the events in this, the first ever Fleet Week. Watch the shores of New Babbage for the following events. The week will culminate with the Uniform Ball at Piermont Landing. This correspondent is sure the festivites will be nautical but nice!

New Babbage Presents
Fleet Week
The first ever gathering of Second Life's Steamland Navies!
Shipbuilders Contest * WindJammers Race*Submarine Races * Epic Ironclad Battles * Naval Review * Uniform Ball
New Babbage * November 15-21

* Epic Iron Melee, 7PM SLT...featuring the navies of the steamlands, slugging it out on the open ocean.

FRIDAY 11/20
* Fleet Review, 1PM SLT ... wherein the state-based navies of the Steamlands, in their finest regalia, present themselves for Review by the Public.

* Windjammer Race, 11AM SLT ... wherein the fastest tall masted and wind-powered ships compete in a heartstopping contest.

* Submarine Races, 2PM SLT ... wherein our finest submariners - and their daring mechanical marvels - will compete in an underwater tournament.

* Uniform Ball at Piermont Landing, 6PM SLT ... wherein uniformed officers and the Public dance the night away at a nautical-themed Ball hosted by Breezy Carver at Piermont Landing in New Babbage.

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